Here is one of the first things that I want you to know: even a very small change can have a huge impact on your life in a positive way! Lisa Gruenhut Gold

Are you swimming upstream and feeling that you will never be able to step out of the river of life and enjoy the view?

Sync the Stress is a personal program that uses four core principles to help you enhance your focus and productivity, then enjoy your leisure time more fully. Using a gentle, relaxed and reassuring style and essays from her own experiences, Lisa helps you examine your response to stress. Powerful questions and exercises help you choose small manageable steps toward change. Steady progress sets the tone for new ways to live in the moment, make intentional choices, and improve your relationships at work and home.

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Lisa Gruenhut Gold is the creator of Sync the Stress, a program designed to help people develop the insight and skills needed to live in harmony with their stressful lives. Lisa's unique approach to working with stress is influenced by her work as a family nurse practitioner, wellness coach and mother of four.

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